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Fashion Industry Canada

fashion industry canada

fashion industry canada - The Fur

The Fur Trade in Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Economic History

The Fur Trade in Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Economic History

At the time of its publication in 1930, The Fur Trade in Canada challenged and inspired scholars, historians, and economists. Now, almost seventy years later, Harold Innis's fundamental reinterpretation of Canadian history continues to exert a magnetic influence.
Innis has long been regarded as one of Canada's foremost historians, and in The Fur Trade in Canada he presents several histories in one: social history through the clash between colonial and aboriginal cultures; economic history in the development of the West as a result of Eastern colonial and European needs; and transportation history in the case of the displacement of the canoe by the York boat. Political history appears in Innis's examination of the nature of French-British rivalry and the American Revolution; and business history is represented in his detailed account of the Hudson's Bay and Northwest Companies and the industry that played so vital a role in the expansion of Canada.
In his introduction to this new edition, Arthur J. Ray argues that The Fur Trade in Canada is the most definitive economic history and geography of the country ever produced. Innis's revolutionary conclusion - that Canada was created because of its geography, not in spite of it - is a captivating idea but also an enigmatic proposition in light of the powerful decentralizing forces that threaten the nation today. Ray presents the history of the book and concludes that "Innis's great book remains essential reading for the study of Canada."

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Aqua di Lara - Spring 2009

Aqua di Lara - Spring 2009

Toronto, Canada. 2008. L’Oreal Fashion Week. Aqua di Lara Spring 2009.

Photographer: Kevin Lam
Designer: Reyhan Sofraci of Aqua di Lara

With the arrival of L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto the spotlight shines on Canada’s fashion industry. One of the most anticipated shows of the week is the Aqua di Lara swimwear line by Montreal-based designer Reyhan Sofraci. Reyhan’s award-winning swimwear designs have graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, Elle, and other publications. Reyhan invited us out to shoot her show at Fashion Week.

fashion industry canada

fashion industry canada

Profiting the Crown: Canada's Polymer Corporation, 1942-1990

Born in the crucible of World War II, Polymer Corporation Ltd.-Canada's sole producer of synthetic rubber - played a critical and profitable role in the Canadian economy for over fifty years. During the years 1943-45, Polymer produced the rubber necessary to keep Canada in the war. Later, as the cornerstone of Canada's "chemical valley" in Sarnia, Ontario, Polymer exported its products all over the world, generating remarkable profits for the Crown and becoming the earliest example of Canadian state capitalism. By embracing science and cutting-edge technology, Polymer continuously brought new products into wide-spread commercial use. The government eventually recognized the importance - and profitability - of this ground-breaking crown corporation by placing its image on the back of the ten-dollar bill. Crown corporations are widely regarded as a Canadian invention. Since 1841 they have been dexterously implemented and hotly debated as instruments of public policy. However the failures of a number of state-run enterprises in the twentieth century have led a majority of Canadians to conclude that government has no place in the boardrooms of the nation. Matthew Bellamy's comprehensive account of Polymer's rise and evolution contradicts this widely held position and brings to light the accomplishments of one of Canada's pioneering crown corporations.

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